Community Support Group

The Community Support Group is a bridge to understanding the “whole child” and the fact that we all learn differently as reflected in our Different Abilities Development Model. The group was established in 2008 to introduce parents and educators to the work of Dr. Ross W. Greene and his approach for working with children who exhibit behavioral challenges entitled Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS), formerly known as Collaborative Problem Solving. A subsequent goal of The Community Support Group is to provide information about practices in progressive education that foster academic success while considering the social-emotional well-being of our children. Learn more or register for a Community Support Group membership.

Lives in the Balance Virtual Annual Summit

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This year's Summit will feature keynote speaker Dr. Stuart G. Shanker, Founder and Science Director of the Self-Regulation Institute, and an acclaimed author and international speaker. Dr. Shanker will be speaking on his method for understanding stress and managing tension and energy, the impact of an excessive stress load on energy, mood and behavior, the […]

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Kids Who Fall Through the Cracks – Presentation

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This interactive presentation challenges the one-size-fits-all approach to teaching, learning and behavior. We will discuss Kids Who Fall Through The Cracks and the importance of a “whole-child” approach that enables students to find personal meaning in learning, grow at their developmental pace, and cultivate a feeling of self-worth for who they are and how they […]

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